Vehicle taxes Colombia: They propose a reduction in vehicle tax due to the restriction of Pico y Placa | Politics

Senator of the Democratic Center, Miguel Uribeannounced a project that seeks that citizens have a discount on the Car taxes that adjusts to the restrictions of the Pico y Placa, which apply in several cities of the country.

A car tax discount that corresponds to the restrictions of Pico y Placa with the purpose of preventing the mayors who arbitrarily put such strict restrictions on the movement of cars, that it makes it impossible for people with so much effort to buy their car, because today they benefit of the vehicle tax discount,” said Senator Miguel Uribe.

explained that the disagreement would apply according to the restriction have the vehicle in each of the cities.

“According to the limitation time that the use of the car has, that would be the same discount that the vehicle tax should have,” he added.

The congressman also filed another project that seeks to make the VAT Free Day a state policy.

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