UN and OAS concerned about the safety of the Awá people in Colombia | International

After reporting the Massacre of four Awá indigenous people in Barbacoas (Nariño), the international community reiterated its concern about the progress of crimes in rural areas of Colombiaespecially in the Pacific departments.

The United Nations mission in Colombia condemned the crime considering that among the people killed there was a pregnant woman. “We urge that life be respected. We ask the authorities for urgent measures to protect the Awá people”, highlighted the UN.

For its part, the Mission to Support the Peace Process in Colombia of the Organization of American States (MAPP/OEA) made a call to stop the violence that resulted in these murders that “cause social ruptures and they affect the harmony of the territories”.

“We demand that illegal armed groups cease any violence against the civilian population. We reiterate the call to the State to strengthen the protection of indigenous peoples, investigate and clarify these facts”, concludes the MAPP/OAS.

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