Ultra-processed food labels would have an octagonal warning stamp

After studies carried out by the University of Antioquia, the black octagonal seal was chosen by the Ministry of Health to be used as a warning label. The word “excess in” would also accompany these labels on packaged foods and beverages.

Today this regulation was published for comments and will remain so for at least 15 days. These provisions apply to food “related to sugars, saturated fats, trans fats and sodium”said Fernando Ruiz, Minister of Health.

“The methodology established by the Pan American Health Organization was also adopted to define the foods and the levels to be included in the front labeling,” added Ruiz. Some of the exempted products are infant formulas, foods without additives and sports drinks or energy drinks.

According to this project, the products that are marketed with a circular seal will have 6 monthssince the modification is made official, for exhaust those labels and start with the new provisions.

for the month of December is expected to sign the final document of this regulation, because it will go through an international review that would take about 60 days and is also awaiting the evaluation that the Ministry of Commerce issues on this project.

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