Ukraine Russia invasion: UN mission believes thousands of civilians have been killed in Mariupol, Ukraine | International

The UN Office for Human Rights has a mission in Ukraine and those observers suspect that thousands of civilians have been killed in the city of Mariupol, what has been one of the main theaters of attacks amid the invasion of Russia.

The chief of the observers, Matilda Bogner, spoke from Geneva where he stated that they will only be able to corroborate that information when they have access to Mariupol.

So far throughout the country UN confirmed the death of 3,400 civilians, but says that the “actual figures are much higher, as the black hole is Mariúpol”with which he asks to enter that locality.

The observers of the UN have made different routes, especially in regions close to Kyivand point out that in addition to the murders they have documented another type of selective executions, torture and sexual violence.

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For its part, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk told AFP that more than a thousand of his soldiers remain in the steel plant in Azovstal, which it is near Mariupol and which has been besieged for several days by the troops of Russia.

The civilians have already been evacuated but the soldiers remain entrenched and affirm that there are many wounded that urgently need to be evacuated.

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