UFOs in Colombia: Medellín, Cali and Santander areas with the greatest trace

For many years for humanity it has been a mystery if there is life or not in others planets. Precisely for this reason, research has been developed and there are people who have considered dedicating their lives to deciphering how true it is that there is extraterrestrial life. Likewise, governments such as the United States have invested in studies to see how threatened the territory could be by a alien.

People such as astronomers or astrophysicists are the ones who are usually at the forefront of this type of research. However, on several occasions people from different parts of the world have indicated that they have seen a flying object or UFO close to Earth. Colombia It has been one of the countries where cases of these have been reported. However, it is necessary to mention that at the moment science has not been able to conclude whether or not there is extraterrestrial life, and thus ensure that they have visited Earth.

Normally, in the reported cases, people have assured that they have seen lights that come from the sky and that they would be proof of UFOs close to Earth.

UFO case in Medellín and near the Peña de Juaica in Tabio, Colombia:

In Medellín, a case was reported in which a person stated that he witnessed the appearance of a flying object. A pilot of a commercial airline was the protagonist of the case. This man, known as Cesar, would have recorded the exact moment in which he realized that there was a UFO in the sky.

The case was very popular at the time, due to the recording. According to Cesar and the recording, it was an object similar to a cube.

On the other hand, near the Peña de Juaica, another person, who is also a pilot, warned that he had noticed the presence of a blue flying object just below an aircraft. The man clarified that during the event he reported to the Control Tower to verify what was happening.

The most investigated UFO cases in Colombia:

Colombia has been the protagonist on several occasions in UFO sightings:

  • The case in the city of Cali, where a flying object has appeared, according to residents of the area, near a military base on several occasions. In this people have managed to capture several images as evidence of the appearance of UFOs.
  • The case of Puerto Salgar, Cundinamarca, where several pilots have detailed that they have experienced strange cases.
  • The Chicamocha Canyon, Santander, has witnessed the alleged appearance of flying objects. A few years ago, the fall of a supposed Russian satellite was observed in this place. After the fact, the area was cordoned off, militarized and black helicopters came. However, over time it became clear that, apparently, it was not a satellite. In addition, people in the area indicated that this object killed hundreds of animals. Subsequently, astronomers They indicated that it was a meteorite.

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