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Recently, it was known that in the Milky Way there are potentially habitable planets, now, an investigation assures that these planets could harbor 4 hostile civilizations they would invade the earth.

The researcher of the study is Alberto Caballero, a doctoral student in conflict resolution at the University of Vigo in Spain, who assured that, through an analysis of warlike confrontations on earth and human civilization, an exoplanet can be invaded and thus assess the prevalence of hostile alien civilizations.

Within his study he included the number of invasions between countries from 1915 to 2022. He evaluated the probability that each country would launch an invasion and in these studies the United States stood out between invasions and attacks.

In the study, the student added up each country’s probability of initiating an invasion and thus developed “the current human probability of invasion of an alien civilization“.

Caballero stressed that although the study goes from a point where human beings still cannot make interstellar travel, he said that if technology continues to advance at this rate, the first trip could be in 259 years.

This means that, according to Caballero, human beings would have a 0.0014% chance of invading another planet at that time.

It is important to note that it is estimated that there would be up to 15,758 alien civilizations in the Milky Way. This is because, according to the student’s calculations, only 0.22 of these civilizations would be hostile to human beings, but this would increase to 4.42 in the current era in which there is still no star travel.

The article was made with information from Sputnik, see more here

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