Two attacks on the public force in El Catatumbo in Norte de Santander

Two violent events have been registered in the last hours against the public force in Norte de Santander, about two municipalities of Catatumbo, El Carmen and El Tarra.

In the district of Guamalito an armed group aboard a van loaded with explosives launched tatucos against the police station causing damage to the infrastructure and houses surrounding the station.

The neighbors of the police infrastructure told Radius Snail that “from a van with a platoon they fired at the policemen, they replied, we don’t know if there are injuries, this was horrible in broad daylight“.

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In some of the Explosive elements were left in nearby buildings that were unable to detonate but which constitute a risk to the civilian population. In the violent action a dog died which was always close to the station.

In another action and in facts that are the subject of investigation, an illegal armed group ordered the closure of trade and paralysis of activities near the military baser which is in the vicinity of the urban area of The tarra.

This here is very difficult, each time they get closer to the town to do damage “said a woman in dialogue with Caracol Radio.

The authorities have tightened controls and have adopted measures to avoid being the object of terrorist actions by organizations outside the law who commit crimes in the north of the department.

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