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The Truth Commission presents a new chapter of its final report, in which it provides recommendations so that effects of the conflict armed will not be repeated.

Suffer war and remake life, which talks about the impacts, coping and resistance in the midst of the armed conflictwas led by commissioner Saúl Franco and in 409 pages the invitation is to talk and feel.

This volume presents the impacts that the armed confrontation of the last six decades has had on people’s lives, democracy, nature and culture in the country. Also, it is a recognition to the population initiatives and of the organizations of society to resist war and to build peace, even in the midst of adverse and risky conditions.

The data of Memory and Conflict Observatory of the National Center for Historical Memory point out that, in Colombia, between 1961 and 2021, there were 4,302 massacres; 154,173 people They were victims of selective assassinations. During the armed conflict, the Colombian State, the guerrillas and the paramilitary groups have used different methods so that their criminal actions do not come to light and thus ensure their impunity. This has prevented knowing, with total certainty, the number of deaths caused by the armed conflict in Colombia.

Between 1985 and 2018, they appeared at the least 450,664 victims of homicides related to the armed conflicta value that with the estimates of under-registration can be 813,707. The forced disappearences between 1961 and 2021, at least 68,602 people have been victims of this type of violence.

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The text reflects on the implications and meanings of these impactsand recognizes how the victims, their families and organizations have faced the consequences of the different forms of violence with courage, creativity and solidarity.

This chapter takes a decisive step to overcome denialism, a very common attitude in the country. It starts from the recognition of the victims as citizens who are violated their rights, and as important political subjects for the transformation of Colombia. Thus, it contributes to its dignity and places, at the center of this work, your right to the truth.

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