Truth Commission: 12 books to understand the dynamics of the conflict in the territories | Judicial

The Truth Commission presented the eighth chapter of its final report, which contains the results of four years of deep listening in the territories of Colombia, affected by the armed conflict.

This chapter is called: Colombia inside. Collection of territorial accounts of the armed conflict. Here the Truth Commission searched through 12 books explain the particular dynamics of the conflict in each territory.

To collect the testimonies, this entity that is part of the Comprehensive System for Peace, deployed throughout the national territory 30 work teams and made presence through 28 houses of truth.

This chapter was led by Tania Rodriguezdirector of territories of the Truth Commission, and explains the local dynamics of the armed conflict in different regions of Colombia.

Are 12 books to understand the conflict in:

The Amazon

Antioquia, southern Córdoba and Bajo Atrato Chocoano


Center Region

Coffee Axis

Northeast Border

Medium Cupcake

Nariño and South Cauca Orinoquía


Valley and North of Cauca

Urban Dynamics of War

Peasantry and the War

It is a narrative to collect the evolution of the war, the experience of the victims and social movements.

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