Tremor: Strong tremor shook the center and south of the country this morning | National

The early hours of this Wednesday were surprised by a tremor of 3.2 degrees in Richter’s scalewhich had the capital of Tolimense as its epicenter and was also felt in the southwest of the country.

The Colombian Geological Service reported on two earthquakes that occurred this morning: one of them with a magnitude of 4.4 and a depth of six kilometers and whose epicenter was the municipality of Tufiñoon the border between Ecuador and Colombia.

With an hour difference, the second was presented with a magnitude of 3.2 and a depth less than 30 kilometers. The epicenter was the city of Ibagué, but it was felt in neighboring municipalities such as Valle de San Juan, Payandé and Cajamarca.

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So far, the authorities No damage reported in none of the departments where the earthquakes.

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