Transfer Negro Ober Extortions: They transfer the ‘Black Ober’ to the La Picota prison in Bogotá | Barranquilla

Caracol Radio first got to know that to a cold cell in La Picota prison, in Bogotá, he was transferred alias the ‘Black Ober’, accused of being behind the crimes and attacks against bus drivers in Barranquilla and Soledad.

This transfer of Ober Ricardo Martínez Gutiérrez, alias ‘Negro Ober’, was requested by the Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla after verifying that this subject was still ordering extortions and attacks against urban transport companies in the city, from a prison in Boyacá.

‘Black Ober’ would be behind attacks against drivers: Police

Now the top leader of the ‘Coastal stubble’ will be incommunicado, as the mayor had announced Jaime Pumarejo.

in less than eight days in Barranquilla and Soledad two bus drivers have been murdered.

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