To the prison leader of the AGC in Carepa, I point to leading the pistol plan

Alias ​​Esteban or Guillermo is an alleged leader of Gulf Clan in the municipality of Carepa, in the Urabá subregion of Antioquia and would be at the service of the Carlos Vásquez substructure.

The Prosecutor’s Office points out order attacks with explosives against the public force in that area, in one of them four soldiers were injuredin addition, it would be leading the gun plan by order of alias Chiquito Malo, main leader of that criminal group. Though did not accept the charges defendants a judge sent him to jail after his capture.

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“The test material shows that alias Esteban would have participated in the activation of an explosive device as two police patrols passed by National in events that occurred in the municipality of Carepa on March 9 of the current year where several uniformed officers were injured, “said Carlos Roberto Izquierdo, specialized director against Criminal Organizations.

He is also accused of the homicide of the murder of a citizen in events that occurred on April 6 of this year in that town.

This ringleader was prosecuted by the crimes of aggravated homicide and aggravated conspiracy to commit a crime for the purpose of homicide.

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