The US must “pay a price for its mistakes”: China | International

In the midst of the visit of the president of the US House Of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, to Taiwan and after the US and Chinese troop mobilization to regions near the island, the conflict moved to the diplomatic sphere.

Before meeting with Nicholas Burns, US Ambassador to ChinaChinese Vice Foreign Minister Xi Fengsaid the United States “must pay a price for its mistakes. China will resolutely take countermeasures and we will do what we say.”

In this conversation, Feng pointed out that Pelosi’s trip “is extremely outrageous and the consequences are extremely serious. (…) China will not sit idly by. (United States) should immediately address its mistakes and take practical steps to undo the adverse effects caused by Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.”

Given these comments, the Communications Coordinator of the National Security Council of the United States, John Kirby, said that his country “does not seek or want a crisis. We are prepared to manage whatever Beijing decides to do.”

According to Kirby, what is happening now is what they had anticipated would happen, but he stressed that Pelosi’s trip should not be a justification for China to increase its military activity in the region and reiterated that Pelosi’s decision to travel is independent of the Executive Branch of President Joe Biden.

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