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The first face-to-face between kidnapping victims and the last FARC secretariat It was hard, but healing. The victims gave testimonies that show the cruelty of captivity in inhuman conditions. One of the most impressive on the day before the JEP It was that of a police officer who was sexually abused and who today only asks for justice and reparation that has not yet arrived because the State itself has denied it.

On the first day, which lasted more than 10 hours, the kidnappings were addressed with the objective of pressuring for exchanges for imprisoned guerrillas. Throughout the day the Special Jurisdiction for Peace He listened to the stories of civilians, policemen and soldiers who, looking into the eyes of the former FARC secretary, told the worst of their captivity.

Olmes Duque took a deep breath, took a sip of water and said that he was raped by mistake in the middle of a military combat.

This policeman now has to work in civilian clothes, because if he puts on his uniform he thinks that they are going to kidnap him again, he takes medicine to be able to sleep and today the only thing he hopes for is that the FARC Tell the full truth and that the Victims Unit pay you compensation that you have been claiming for 7 years.

Sergeant César Lazo arrived with a chain similar to the one the FARC used with him when they tied him up like an animal. His kidnapping lasted 13 years and five months and he asked for the full truth and not pats on the back.

Angela Sierra is the daughter of a Policeman who was kidnapped and later disappeared. She represents the relatives who seek her to be her loved one, but she wants to forgive to move on, but if she wants to give her father a decent burial.

During this Wednesday, the stories of the victims who were kidnapped for economic reasons to finance the FARC will be heard.

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