The rudeness of Gustavo Petro to more than 900 mayors of the country

For more than 6 hours, 917 mayors from all regions of the country waited in the Bogota Tequendama Hotel to the elected president, Gustavo Petro, to listen to your agenda and raise some of the problems of the regions.

At the start of the day, Alphonse Prada Y Luis Fernando Velasco delegates of the elected president, informed that president couldn’t attend since he was in a meeting with national experts and international receiving the complete joint report on national security and defense.

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However, criticism and jeers from the local leaders caused the delegates to report that Petro would arrive at the event about 2:00 p.m.a commitment that was not fulfilled because the president-elect never arrived.

For the mayors, this lack of evidence that the relationship with the new government began ‘with the left foot‘ because they traveled for more than eight hours, with their own resources, to be planted.

“That is not right, the mayors of Colombia have to be respected, we came to listen to him, but imagine this way we started with a thousand mayors here and the president, while in Bogotá, never arrived, what happened today not well”Carlos Torres, mayor of Carmen de Bolívar, told Caracol Radio.

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For its part, Jenny Lucía Rivas Herrera, mayor of Jurado- Chocó, indicated: “the mayors came with many expectations, to get to Bogotá I had many problemsin recent times we had not had the opportunity to meet so many mayors to meet with President Petro, we leave with a enormous sadness because people were waiting for what news we bring, we leave empty-handed”.

Luis Fernando Velasco recognized the critics of the mayors, but said that time was not wasted because they managed to work on different issues.

“We work more than six hours with the mayorsit is a complex issue because he could not be here, we have presented excuses with the mayors, one of the first actions that the Government will take is to sit down with the president with all his cabinetwith a document that we have prepared today, we did not lose the task”, said Velasco.

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