Taiwan: Colombians in Taiwan urge the government to reestablish relations | 6AM Today by Today

Given the anxiety that exists in Taiwan due to the possible reprisals that the chinese government for the visit of Nancy Pelosi, the president of the United States House of Representatives to the island; Índer Ramírez, a Colombian resident in Taiwancalled on the National Government for the need to restore relations with this country.

The colombian chef in Taipei spoke on 6AM about the unease experienced on the island due to the possible Chinese government retaliationfor which he urged the need for the Colombian Government re-establish some form of communication with entities in Taiwanto offer guarantees to nationals residing in this country.

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“The colombian government cannot continue to ignore, they must at least have a humanitarian representativebecause one thing is to respect the policy with China but another thing is for the government to disassociate itself from its citizens abroad,” he assured.

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