Suspected cases of monkeypox in Norte de Santander: Norte de Santander expects INS to authorize tests for monkeypox | Cucuta

After discarding the 5 suspected cases of monkeypox in Norte de Santander when the negative results are delivered by the National Institute of Health INSthe agencies in the border area continue to ask the national government for authorization of the molecular laboratory.

What is sought with this is that it is allowed to do diagnoses without the need to wait for a response from Bogotá, and speed up the isolation that patients must comply with who have symptoms.

Carlos Martínez director of the Departmental Institute of Health IDS, He told Caracol Radio that the region has the necessary infrastructure in laboratories to face this responsibility.

“To carry out the respective test, for now it is analyzed through the National Institute of Health, later the departmental laboratory will have the elements and reagents to make the diagnosis of this test.What is happening is that at this time the INS has summoned the professionals of each of the molecular biology laboratories in the national territory to train them, they are going to provide us with some elements for the processing of these samples and we will have to buy others through the resources of the territorial entity, in such a way that we are advancing in this process while the training is carried out and since we began the implementation of the public health laboratory, the National Institute of Health does not have authorization to process molecular tests against COVID-19, “said the official.

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He stated that the isolation and biosecurity protocols implemented for COVID-19 must be maintainedwhich also allow to avoid the contagion of the monkey virus.

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