Summary Alliance vs. Once Caldas: Alianza wins and reduces Once Caldas’ chances of qualifying | Sports

Oil Alliance and Once Caldas closed day 19 of the Colombian League at the Daniel Villa Zapata in a game that ended with a 2-0 victory for the local team, which leaves them well placed to qualify.

The game began with an aurinegro team proposing and with possession of the ball, Once Caldas began to position themselves on the field and also began attacks. In one of those outings, the ‘albos’ were badly stopped in defense and Brayan Gil through a header after Estefano Arango’s center, sent to save the ball at minute 20.

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Since then, the manizalita group he sought in every way to find that vital goal that would allow him equality and lead an eventual comeback to continue dreaming of qualifying without depending on other teams.

However, the goals never came for Diego Corredor’s team, who saw how the goalkeeper Chunga dressed as a hero, and that with the passage of time assumed how the situation began to complicategoing from being at the top of the leaderboard to the critical current where it is at the moment.

Rubén Manjarrés sentenced the game in one againstwith the albo squad totally player at minute 90 + 3 through a mid-distance shot that deflected along the way.

Oil Alliance with the victory reached 29 points and returned to the group of eight to occupy seventh place and depends on himself, to achieve classification with a victory against Millonarios. If he draws, he must hope that neither La Equidad, Santa Fe or Bucaramanga add up to three.

Eleven Caldas for his part, was located in box 11 with 25 units and will close the ‘all against all’ before Santa Fe (26 points)a direct rival who is also fighting to enter the select group.

The white box needs a win to reach 28 points and that neither Bucaramanga (vs. Pereira) nor La Equidad (vs. Nacional) win, to thus choose to occupy the last quota for the semi-final home runs.

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