Strike of pedicab drivers in Bogotá Mobility: Live | Strike of pedicab drivers in Bogotá and mobility situation | Bogota

This week, Mayor Claudia López spoke out about pedicabs and motorcycle taxis in Bogotá, warning that they have no justification to continue in the city. She, in turn, highlighted that the main reason why she believes that their services are no longer necessary is because she considers that public transportation has improved with the arrival of more SITP buses.

However, the statements of the mayor were not well taken by this union and on July 28 they decided to go out and demonstrate. On the other hand, on Caracol Radio’s 6AM Omar Orostegui, director of Futuros Urbanos, clarified that the presence of this means of transport was not regulated from the beginning, since the different mayors’ offices in recent years have focused on developing only characterization studies. of this guild.

On the other hand, Orosteguí indicated that the presence of this means of transport “grew in part as a mobility solution alongside Transmilenio portals and stations, given the difficulties of public transport.”

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