Social media influencers: China imposes code of conduct for social media influencers | International

More and more people consider themselves influencers in networks like TikTok either Instagram. And in the face of this growth, China imposed a new code of conductregardless of the themes that each of them deals with.

China’s idea is professionalize the influencer sector Y create a healthier cyberspacebut some take it as a new form of control over the internet.

The code of conduct It includes 31 bad habits to avoid. For example, they cannot defame Chinese culture, his historical figures or national heroes and should also avoid promoting topics considered sensitive.

The code was issued by the National Video and Television Administration of Chinaand also requires have studies according to their role, which the same platforms must control.

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Another aspect is that of protection of minorsprohibiting the ‘streamers’ encourage children and young people to give their location. and they will have to declare your income and pay taxes. China It is the country with the largest number of internet users in the world with about 700 million people.

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