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All persons they agree on something: the dream after lunch is something from another world. However, there is an explanation for this. biologicaltaking into account that it is more common at lunchtime than in the dinner or breakfast.

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This is why in Radius Snail we explain why this aspect happens and some tips to avoid it.

The reason

The body activates a mechanism where you enter a kind of breakas well as from digestion. In other words, it also focuses its efforts on digesting the meal and the protein acquired through the foodso the ‘effort‘ is older.

Another cause is the ingredients and types of food we consume at lunch. For example, carbohydrates increase melatonin levels in the brain.

Fats are also another type of food that cause a greater drowsiness in the body.

How to avoid it

The main reason is to avoid excessive foods with few nutrients. That is, on the one hand there are the fast or protein-free meals. On the other hand, it is consuming a greater number of foods and feeling that feeling of fullness.

Drinking water and hydrating the body can help prevent sleep. The coffee intaketea and aromatic also help relieve this drowsiness.

It is also a good option, in addition to the above, to take a short walk and let the blood circulate correctly through the body. stay seated after eating lunch makes you even more sleepy.

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