Sigifredo López: López: Peace Agreement did not contemplate economic reparation for the victims | 6AM Today by Today

In 6AM Today by Today of Caracol Radio spoke Siegfried Lopezthe only survivor of the Valle deputies, kidnapped more than 20 years ago on the Recognition Hearing of the Former Secretariat of the extinct FARC and the reparation to victims.

López participated in this event in quality of victim and commented that he spoke from forgiveness.

“I saw some gentlemen, in some of them the shame to bear the repudiation of the Colombian society of having to accept murders, kidnappings, crimes against humanity. Like many victims, we have forgiven to move on with our lives,” he reiterated.


In accordance with Siegfried Lopezthe Peace Agreement did not contemplate the economic component, only an ethical-moral aspect.

“All forgiveness has an ethical, cultural, social and economic component. People cannot go through life causing harm without making reparation to the victims. The one who harms pays. They cannot go on bending over,” he said.


For its part, Siegfried Lopez He reiterated that the former prosecutor had the gallantry and he apologized on behalf of the Prosecutor’s Office and forced the Police to do the same.

“I have forgiven those who are condemned. Reconciliation goes through repairing the victims and forgiveness also includes the perpetrators. I believe in social forgiveness and you can only advance in this from a pedagogy,” he commented.

Listen to the full interview on Caracol Radio

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