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Juan Diego Gomez Jimenez is the president of Senate of Colombia and will look for Government of Antioquia in 2023. The congressman and his family are linked to real estate businesses, and it is precisely for one of those businesses that the senator is investigated by the Supreme Court of Justice.

The new complaint against the president of the Senate, which rests in the office of the Judge Cristina Lombanaalso involves David Orlando Gomez Jiménez, brother of the congressman, and Andrés Ávila, president of the Special Assets Society (SAE). According to Noticias UNO, Senator Gómez, his brother and the president of the SAE met on March 17, 2022 to do business with assets in forfeiture, which is why the SAE Supreme Court Senator Gómez is being investigated for illicit enrichment, money laundering and conspiracy to commit a crime.

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Andres Avila, president of the Special Assets Society, the entity that manages the assets in forfeiture, said that it was unaware of the complaint filed with the Supreme Court and that it has not been notified of any investigation against it. Ávila affirmed that it is not true that Senator Juan Diego Gómez has bought assets from the entity, but he did not deny the March 17 meeting.

David Orlando Gomez Jimenezbrother of president of the senate, is the vice president of Central de Inversiones SA (CISA), an entity that manages state properties. Here there could be a very clear conflict of interest because the Gómez Jiménez family is dedicated to real estate business and the brother of the president of the Senate has privileged information in that sector of the economy. Before being the vice president of Solutions for the State of CISA, David Orlando was the manager of that entity in Antioquia, he managed the properties of the State in the department where his family has had its real estate businesses.

This is not the only scandal that the family of Senator Juan Diego Gómez has faced. His father, Orlando de Jesús Gómez, alias “la Ballena” was sentenced in 2012 eight years in prison for procedural fraud, false testimony and obtaining a false public document, crimes in which he incurred to take over a property in Bello. Alias ​​la Ballena died in 2013 in prison, and in a lawsuit since 2004 with the Coogranada Cooperative for acts similar to those that led to his conviction. This Cooperative accuses the family of the president of the Senate of appropriating a 52,000-square-meter lot called Las Brisas, located in the La Gabriela neighborhood of the municipality of Bello. However, the congressman and his family have won in all judicial instances, despite the fact that a report of the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office of August 21, 2004 determined that alias la Ballena and his associates had invaded the lot in the La Gabriela neighborhood.

In December 2013, news one filed the complaint of Margarita Sosa, to whom the then Antioquia deputy Juan Diego Gómez Jiménez sold two lots in the Laureles neighborhood of Medellín in 2007, which did not belong to him or presented inconsistencies in the real estate registration. Added to this complaint is the Public Question that revealed that, as a deputy for Antioquia in 2005, Juan Diego Gómez bought a property in Copacabana, Antioquia, along with six other people, three of whom ended up linked to drug trafficking and corruption scandals. .

When Juan Diego Gómez Jiménez was president of the Fifth Commission of the House of Representatives, between 2012 and 2013, he had a private meeting with Eleuberto Martorelli, former president of Odebrecht in Colombia. At that time, Odebrecht paid at least two million dollars in bribes to senators and politicians known as “The Bulldozers” for their ability to flatten obstacles in favor of that company and its partners.

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