Sebastián Montoya: Sebastián Montoya after signing with Red Bull: “It’s a dream come true” | Sports

The pilot Sebastian Montoya recently announced his relationship with Red Bull to the athlete program of the company, of which they are also part Mariana Pajon, Orlando Dukeamong other Colombian figures.

The young man, who runs in the European Regional Formula, He spoke at a press conference about what it means to enter this program thinking about the future of his career. In turn, she referred to how John Paul Montoya as a coach, which would represent a career of Formula 1 in Colombia and more.

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Change of mentality after the new sponsorship

“It changes life a bit as such. Before, I was working to show people that I was not Montoya’s son, but that I was Sebastián Montoya and I was here to demonstrate my career. When I was little, my uncle had Red Bull on his uniform and he told me ‘you have to go fast and one day you will have it’ and I already have it on my hat, on my shirt, it’s a real dream. Change the mentality of being one more, to be the best, Red Bull does not come to finish second or third but to be the best.

Possible next step in your career

Next year I can probably jump to FIA F3, which are the smallest cars, is a category that other Formula 1 drivers have raced in. It’s a category that you’re finally racing on the big tracks on the same weekends as F1, it’s a pretty big step because the car is pretty big. The next step would probably be F3 and then we get to F2 and then we’ll see if they have a seat ready for me.”

Juan Pablo Montoya as coach

“My dad, as a coach, is the one who gives me the hardest because running in Europeas the car is big, it’s more about helping us a little to be able to go faster, my trainer dad is quite strong, he gave me a lot of hard training.

Many people tell me that I want to be like my dad and I answer that it is more like a guide, how one has to navigate the road. I am very competitive with my dad, from day one until today. It’s cool to have that competition between the two and having him by my side is incredible.

Formula 1 in Colombia

“If Formula 1 can eventually race in Colombia, it would be incredible, not only as a country but for the sport, they do not know what Colombia is for sportsIf they bring the race here, many people from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, all the people will come here. It is one more race of the people, not as much as Monaco, but something of the people. If they bring him to Colombia it would be incredible and hopefully I can be there too.”

Adaptation in the car of the European Regional

“My driving style is faster cars, the F4 cost me a lot at the beginning of the year and I didn’t feel comfortable because you didn’t know if the car was going too much or too little. Now I have a car that is not enjoyable to drive but teaches how to adapt. Now it’s time to learn and prepare for the next one. With the LMP2 with my dad, it’s very easy for me.”

What’s left for the 2022 season

“The last three races to go are pretty good tracks for Prema and I think we can understand much better what we have to do. Last year I did a pole. We hope that the experience of F4 can help me. From here to the future I can do quite well, this year has been difficult because they have been different tracks due to the rhythm, it has been difficult but I have also learned a lot”.

Montoya marches in the tenth place in the drivers’ world championship with 44 points, while his teammate Dino Beganovic is the leader with 220 points. Nevertheless, the 17-year-old Colombian is second in the rookie standings with the same number of units, 15 behind the leader Leandro Fornaroli.

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