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It is difficult for some to find the explanation for the tendency of the human beings living in the pastbut for Alejandro Luengo, the tiktoker who teaches science in a creative way, everything has to do with the relationship between time and the speed at which light reaches our eyes, and is perceived and analyzed by our brain.

Alexander Luengobetter known as the ‘Physio Doctorn’, explains this theory that seems difficult to understand but easy to persuade. For the scientist it is true that “we live constantly in the past”, because “light takes time to travel from a galaxy to our star”, this journey takes as the light comesis emitted by our eyes, and to this time we must add a few more seconds, until the eyes take time to capture the light and send it to the brain.

In addition, “there is also a time when the brain takes time to process the information and convert it into electrical impulses that it forms into images.

In this way, the Scientific disseminator It shows that the idea that we live in the past is true and that what we must say is that “we must live in the quasi-present”, to resemble that time in which we resemble the information that in theory has passed.

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