Santiago Buitrago Vuelta Burgos: Santiago Buitrago, domestique or co-leader for the Vuelta España? | Present

Santiago Buitrago is the leader of the Return Burgos After two stages of the cycling race that takes place as a prelude to the last big race of the year, the Tour of Spain. In the second fraction, The Colombian was involved in a spectacular fall, although he was unharmed and kept his shirt.

In Caracol Radio’s VBarthe rider of Bahrain Victorious He referred to the victory of the first day and the hardness of the races that remain in Iberian territory.

It was a nice victory, winning at the Castle is always very special (…) There are quite tough people, like the ones from UAE, Hindley, those from Ineos, tomorrow is going to be a difficult day to control the race, but we will do everything possible to maintain the lead,” he commented on the matter.

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Regarding the fall of the second stage, the young cyclist stressed that his team came out of the situation unharmed: “Unfortunately it is sad to see a fall like that, very fast, and there were things that were hurt. None of our team suffered anything serious, We were able to get it cheap but the downhill finishes are very dangerous”.

For his part, and on the verge of the Vuelta España that begins on August 19, the Bogota native referred to his role in the team ahead of his second Grand Tour of the year.

Mainly I will go as a gregarious. There are riders who are more prepared to face the Vuelta as leaders, and with the aim of helping and doing my bit and seeing what can be achieved. For the Vuelta one of the leaders is going to be Mader, if Mikel (Landa) doesn’t go, they haven’t confirmed the list but they are the most prepared”, he said.

However, faced with an eventual possibility of occupying a more relevant role and having the opportunity in the competition to go through stages, he stressed: “I want to take it easy and not put pressure on myself so far.”

Finally, regarding the renewal of the contract with the team, he commented: “We are talking with the team, finishing fixing some things but most likely i will last with them a couple of years“, he concluded.

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