Santa Fe Eduardo Méndez Dimayor: Méndez: “I’ve been making a healthy opposition to Jaramillo for almost a year and a half” | Sports

Eduardo MendezPresident of Santa Feheld an extensive dialogue with Gabriel Chemas Escandon, journalist from Radius Snail, through which he played, among other topics, his disagreement with Fernando Jaramillo, president of the dimajor, annoyance with a Women’s league this semester, the output of Juan Sebastian Pedroza and the possibility of contracting one more player for this championship.

March of Juan Sebastian Pedroza

“The player still belongs to us, he is leaving for a year on loan. He asked me for it, he came to my office, he said it was part of something he was waiting for, to secure a significant salary for this year and he left with a purchase option of one and a half million for 80%we hope that the player will do very well and that Santa Fe will benefit from the purchase option.

We cannot truncate your ambition to improve your salary. The increase is very important to him and we felt that we could not truncate that wish. He is a young man from the house who accompanied us for so many years and it is an opportunity that life gives him “.

The beginning of Alfredo Arias

“I trust the coach’s work, I think he will take the team forward. Until now he has directed four games, he has not had any friendly games, I think that little by little he will adapt. AndThis is not how it begins but how it ends and we believe that the work of Professor Arias is going to be very important”.

More transfers?

“It’s never too late for anything, we are talking to the coach, looking at some things and we will try to find something that the coach has asked us… he has asked us for some players in that position (midfielder), we are going to analyze what could be done. I don’t want to create false expectations, what the fans can and should know is that we will try to give the coach what he has asked of us”.

Why didn’t you want a women’s league this semester?

“I think it’s an important activity, I think tournaments have to be held, but as I told the Dimayor president and I’ve told everyone, I believe that serious, responsible and respectable Leagues must be made, and not small tournaments that do not meet the requirements to make a League. We hope that this activity can continue to be developed economically, Santa Fe has been an institution that has generally made important teams, we believe and think that it should continue to do so, but to play Leagues that are under the budgets that one determines at the beginning of the year.

I can’t go out and organize a team to play for a month and a half, two months, irresponsibly play tournaments, and go out and join teams like América and Cali, who have not lost their validity, who continue to work. I don’t want to be the laughing stock of women’s football, I think we have to be competent to be able to play the tournaments where we are participating.”

His relationship with Fernando Jaramillo

“Santa Fe two years ago, in my head, he campaigned, worked and got votes so that Dr. Fernando Jaramillo came to Dimayor, later and more than a year and a half ago, and up front, I told Dr. Jaramillo that I do not share nor have I shared the way he has been and It takes almost a year and a half, the same time that he arrives, to make a healthy, transparent and direct opposition, that is the position of Santa Fe And that is what I can say about it. I have not taken sides for one or the other, I have told him that I have not agreed with some decisions that he makes within Dimayor.

I have spoken personally with him, what I have been dissatisfied with has been said to him, I do not need to say it publicly.”

The support of the fans

“Later on we are going to achieve balance among the fans, to the extent that the team improves its game and its position. Asking people to join us today is going to be difficult, There are even campaigns for me to leave, they have asked me to resign. Unfortunately for many of them the partners trust my work and respect my work.. We will continue working so that the team gets ahead, we have been improving in the administrative and economic aspects and We believe that we are going to achieve a task very similar to the one that was done many years ago, in which the team was also received in a difficult situation, it was carried forward and then the product of the titles was taken out at the head of some predecessors”.

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