Salvatore Mancuso asks the US to reconsider deportation to Colombia | International

Two years after serving his 12-year prison sentence for drug trafficking, Salvatore Mancuso asked the American justice reconsider the decision to be deported to Colombia and ask to be taken into account your request to be sent to Italy.

In the application document, revealed by the journalist Joshua GoodmanMancuso asks to reconsider the decision to be deported to Colombia considering that is waiting for the verdict 28 months agowhich “is neither reasonable nor justified”.

“Given the time that the administrative procedure took and its prolonged civil detentionthe petitioner has requested (through communications with the government attorney in this case) that the government reconsider its position regarding his possible deportation to Italy”, indicates the document.

Under this request, Mancuso “requests that the (United States) government reverse its decision to transfer him to Colombia and instead agree to send it to Italy.”

Although Mancuso has a record in Italy (with the Calabrian Mafia) and in Colombia (with the AUC), the former paramilitary chief would be avoiding landing in Colombia not only because it is where he has the greatest criminal record but also because of threats to his life.

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