Roy Barreras, the one chosen by the Historical Pact for the Presidency of the Congress | Politics

in the middle of a caucus meeting with president-elect Gustavo Petro, the Historical Pact agreed to nominate the senator Roy Barreras for the Presidency of the Congress of the Republic.

After this decision to head the Board of Directors of the Senate, which must be ratified by all elected senators when they take officeRoy thanked the confidence of his colleagues and the president-elect, and gave details about what is to come.

From this minute I am at the service of the construction of majorities, in an intense agenda of dialogue with the delegates of all the parties that in the last 72 hours have expressed their willingness to accompany President Petro’s government agenda. The priority task in the next 20 days is to build those majorities, which will give Colombia two peace of mind.

Those points of calm that Barreras hopes to achieve, as he indicated, are that of the “Governance, to carry out the reforms for which the Colombian people voted”, and also give a message “to the other half of Colombia that did not support us with the vote, that here there is a national agreement and a government for all”.

Among the priorities that Barreras will have as President of the Senate, if the parliamentarians ratify it, they would be “rescue the Escazú treaty that was frozen in the outgoing government”, build a strategy of fight against hunger to get the economic resources, to be able to finance that food, therefore the economic reforms will be a priority.

Another of the key points considered by the senator is peace and political reform: “The message to those who have illegal weapons in their hands is that we are going to work so that they lay down their weapons, so that we stop killing each other; the legislative initiative that is necessary for the peace talks with the ELN, initiating a bilateral ceasefire is an ideal scenario. And the submission to ordinary justice of illegal organizations, so that they can be dismantled”. This, also hand in hand with a “political reform, which makes a deeper democracy”.

For the same reason, Barreras concluded that this “It will be an intense year, of profound reforms. The president-elect has said that in the first year we left our mark and reformed everything that Colombians have demanded in the streets and in the towns.”

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