Ronaldo Linda Caicedo: Ronaldo, fascinated with the talent of Linda Caicedo | Sports

Linda Caycedo continues to impress locals and strangers alike for his performance in the current Women’s America’s Cupso much so that it has caught the attention of one of the most important players of all time in Brazilian football, Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima.

“I know that the young Linda Caicedo, at only 17 years old, scored the definitive goal that put Colombia in the final, and it is impressive how at such a young age he is already showing a lot of talent”, commented The Phenomenon.

In dialogue with betfair, where he is an ambassador, the historic scorer highlighted the moment of the National Team, although he was optimistic about the title of his country. “There is no doubt that in this final against Colombia we can expect a fast and balanced game.. The hosts will have the full support of the fans and an explosive talent that can cause surprises, but without a doubt, Brazil will play with their exceptional individual technical ability, their characteristic creativity, but also with the growing team unity”.

“We know that Brazil is the greatest power in South America and is in a process of construction hand in hand with the technique Pia (Sunday). Not in vain did this team reach the final without conceding a single goal and with the best record. A credit to the immense work of recent years, ”he added in this regard.

Ronaldo was even encouraged to give a forecast for the title game: “My opinion on the final result? 3-1 in favor of Brazil!”

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