Revocation of the mayor’s mandate June 26: Call for the recall of the mayor of Cúcuta advances | Cucuta

The promoters of the revocation of the mandate of the mayor of the city of Cúcuta Jairo Yáñez warned them to continue promoting this citizen movement who rejects the current government.

The lawyer Saturnino Velandia told Caracol Radio that “Cúcuta has an opportunity to show citizens and politicians that, if this can be led, against that administrator that he does not do his job well and that he does not comply with his city”.

He explained that “this Sunday June 26 n the same polling stations, everyone can exercise their right to vote, and vote yes to the recall so that the current government is punished and so those who come in the future fulfill what they promised in the campaign”.

He indicated that the electoral material it will be explicit for the voters when asked if they agree to the recall or you do not agree with the revocation.

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He pointed out that “the draft of the card is pending in order to move forward. We need 140,000 votes, half of the population is around 600,000 people, and we believe that the goal of saying yes to the mayor’s recall will be achieved.”

finally showed optimistic of the process and invited the citizens to know the reasons that this citizen movement has to claim and suggest that it be at the polls which decides the future of the governance of the city.

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