Restoration of relations: Venezuela and Colombia will reestablish diplomatic relations on August 7 | Cucuta

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Carlos Faria after a meeting with his Colombian counterpart Alvaro Leyva, announced that the two countries will seek reestablish their diplomatic teams.

In a brief statement and after the meeting that took place in the municipality of San Cristóbal in the State of Táchira, officials agreed to start work in the appointment of its ambassadors and their consular bodies.

“We have dialogue to work for the future of the peoples and also for peace,” he specified.

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in the statement jointly ratified their willingness to consolidate the ties of friendship and cooperation with the revisionn of all issues of binational interest, for the benefit of the happiness of our towns.

Furthermore, they reaffirm their willingness to make joint efforts to guarantee the security and peace on the border of our countries.

The meeting was attended by the deputy representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia, in this first and historic meeting, Mr. Raúl Rosende.

Finally, he indicated that the processes will start from August 7th.

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