Repeating League Final 2018: Colombian League: the survivors of the 2018 final | Sports

National Athletic Y Sports Tolima they reissue this Wednesday in Medellín the final of Colombian soccer lived during the first semester of 2018, remembered series that marked the title of the Red Wine and Gold in the definition from the penalty spot and it was the starting point of a new rivalry.

of that ending there are seven players who were part of both teams at the timebeing five of them the ones that added minutes in one of the two games for the title.

From Athletic National

Philip Aguilar Y Jeison Lucumi they were present in the Verdolaga draw in both commitments, in both as starting players. Today the central defender repeats in the Antioquia team; while the winger changed sides.

Sports Tolima

Julián Quiñones, Yohandry Orozco, Danovis Banguero, Sergio Mosquera and William Cuesta They were the 2018 champions with the Tolimense team, of which the first three added minutes, in at least one of the two games. Meanwhile, Mosquera and Cuesta were on the champion squad, but did not play in the finals.

Of these five players, Banguero repeats now as left back for Atlético Nacional.

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