Reactions to the death of Darío Gómez: The memories of Darío Gómez with Jorge Barón, Galy Galiano and Jhonny Rivera | 6AM Today by Today

The world of entertainment and popular music continues to mourn the death of Dario Gomez, better known as ‘The king of spite’. About his musical career, beginnings and more they spoke in 6AM Today by Today from Caracol Radio Jorge Barón, Galy Galiano and Jhonny Rivera.

Jorge Baron

The presenter affirmed that Gómez had a lot of charisma, each presentation was an event, and described him as “a phenomenon” among the public in the Star Show.

“He was a person who fully identified with the people. He arrived two hours before the call to the presentation to wait for his turn. People knew his songs from top to bottom,” he said.

For its part, Jorge Baron He said that he discovered it in a discotheque and he was gaining a lot of strength among the followers of popular music. He was even one of the artists who promoted this genre in the country.

galy galiano

For his part, the singer-songwriter galy galiano affirmed that Darío Gómez with his melodies was able to express many of the things that people felt but could not say for some reason:

“Spite is a word adapted in Colombiawhich is associated with that feeling of pain due to contempt, economic problems and more,” he reiterated.

Johnny Rivera

Johnny Rivera said they had many similarities with Dario Gomez. 15 days ago she had shared the stage with him.

“I remember a lot the vocabulary and the way he composed the songs. This made him very big. Getting people to identify with him was not easy,” he said.

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