RANKING: Magdalena, territory with the best fiscal performance in the country | Santa Marta | Present

Magdalena is in fourth place in the second category of the Fiscal Performance Index, in accordance with the evaluation of the management of all territorial entities.

These results are part of the management of all the territorial entities developed during the year 2021, that reveals the performance of financial management in light of fiscal viability and its capacity to generate its own resources, such as indebtedness, investment levels and the financial capacity of the country’s municipalities and departments.

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The Deputy Director General of Decentralization and Territorial Development of the National Planning Department, Lorena Garnica De la Espriella, affirmed that this tool is important for the country since “This measurement allows the National Government to improve the monitoring of income, spending and territorial financial sustainability”, express.

Likewise, he said that this information is key for all territorial entities, which allows their feedback and management so that citizens can have a strong social control of the fiscal management of these territories.

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