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Rafael Santos Borre already think about what will be the final of the European Super Cup who will face EintrachtFrankfurtchampion of the Europa League, and the real Madrid, which was crowned in the Champions League. The game will take place in Helsinki, Finland, next Wednesday, August 10.

In the preview of this commitment that could mean a new title for the Colombian’s showcase, he spoke with AS Spain about what it means to face Real Madrid, the duel against Barcelona in which he was a figure in the quarterfinals of the Europa League 2021/22 and the Colombian National Team.

Facing Real Madrid, a “special” game

“It’s a special game, beautiful, one of those that you always want to play and in which you want to compete, one that you dream of playing as a child. Madrid, throughout its history, has shown that it is one of the best , that makes it special. He comes to us at a good time, with a good group of players who can give him the extra that the institution needs to continue winning titles, to continue in this process in which we are”.

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Recognition for Benzema

If I could remove one: “I remove Karim, Karim. He hurts you minimally, he’s very complete, the absence of such important players for a team is always noticeable. In a direct owner, it would take a lot from them.”

I would give it to him (the Ballon d’Or). For everything he has done last season and for being that player that I say, that at a time when Madrid was already on the canvas it gave him hope. He has received the admiration of all his professional colleagues and I don’t think there is a chance that he will miss out on being the Ballon d’Or.”

The game against Barcelona is “never forget”

“It allowed us to realize that we could compete at an international level. Barcelona were obviously the candidate to win the title, but with work and play, with a lot of order and personality with the ball, we created space in the game, coolly. I score the 0-2 and we go to the break, and with that we already face the second half in a different way, Barcelona left us a lot of space and we were able to settle it. We will not forget that match in life“.

Generational change in Colombia and desire to be part of the process

“We come from a very beautiful time, that generation played in great teams, achieved things for Colombian soccer. We are in a reconstruction process, many of those players have already left the team or they no longer have as much continuity, touches a change and we are starting that way, in finding those new players. In my case I want to be part of this new process, to put Colombia in that place that such a good litter of players left us”.

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