Qualified quarterfinals Women’s League: Women’s League: these are the eight teams qualified for the quarterfinals | Sports

This Tuesday the quarterfinal clashes of the Colombian Women’s Professional Leaguedraw that was postponed due to heavy rains that delayed the end of the game between Sports Pereira Y Deportivo Cali, which ended 2-1 in favor of the Matecañas. Despite this, the eight classified teams did not suffer major changes.

America, Santa Fe, Cali and Medellin They occupied the first four places, so they will all be seeded.

Millionaires, Pereira, Junior and Llaneros they occupied the next four positions, respectively. These four teams will be drawn to face one of the four teams already seeded.

The matches, with a date to be defined, will be round trip, with the teams that finished in the first four positions opening the series as visitors and closing them at home.

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