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The public order situation that did not escalate was recorded in the corregimiento of Liberia, municipality of Jamundí, south of Valle del Cauca, at a time when Troops from the Army’s Third Brigade were preparing to carry out search and control operations against both drug trafficking gangs as well as from the Jaime Martínez dissident column of the FARC.

At the time of carrying out the operations, the resident community in the sector provided with sticks and other blunt objects threatened the members of the force, forcing them out of that sector.

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This action of the inhabitants that had the accompaniment of the municipal personeríal deserved the rejection of the commander of the military garrison, General William Fernando Prieto Ruiz

“As commander of the Third Brigade, I make a public denunciation of what is happening in the rural area of ​​Jamundí, where troops from the Third Brigade of the High Mountain Battalion number 3 are carrying out offensive operations and military control of the area in compliance with the constitutional mission, and today the community, the community leaders and represented by the Personería ask us to leave the sector because they fear for what may happen due to the presence of the troops, where what the troops do is guarantee security and tranquility and retake control of some sectors that structures such as Jaime Martínez want to position themselves with the control of drug trafficking, with illicit crops and with these economies that affect the entire area of ​​the department”, denounced General William Fernando Prieto Ruiz.

The Third Brigade of the Army asked the departmental government toue legal action against these acts of public order by the community that prevents control of the area in which armed groups and drug trafficking organizations have interference.

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