PTAR Salitre: The Prosecutor’s Office investigates the Bogotá Aqueduct for the PTAR Salitre scandal | Judicial

Radius Snail reveals an investigation that advances the Attorney General’s Office against the manager of the Bogota Aqueduct and Sewerage Company, Christina Arangoand one of the auditors of the Salitre Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), IVK, Lorenzo Ardila Sanchez.

The process began on January 7, 2022 and for almost seven months evidence has been collected to determine whether or not to open a formal investigation. So far, the investigation is pending the issuance of new judicial police orders.

Courtesy. / Radius Snail

The case comes from December 7, 2021, when Judge Nelly Yolanda Villamizarof the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca, sent copies to the Attorney General’s Office to investigate the manager of the Aqueduct and the inspector IVK for the alleged crime of fraud in judicial resolution.

The story begins in September 2021. The Aqueduct was supposed to start operating the plant from that date, but no. One of the reasons was that the controller of the CAR of Cundinamarca, the IVK, had not issued the certificate of completion of the workbuilt by the CEPS consortium since 2016.

That’s why, the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca issued precautionary measures. However, December 2021 arrived and the breach persisted. It was there when opened a contempt incident to both and copies were sent to the Attorney General’s Office.

Ruling of the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca December 7. / Radius Snail

The IVK comptroller, to avoid a greater sanction, finally decided to issue the happy certificate, but reluctantly and, apparently, irregularly. The document, which is in the possession of Caracol Radio, says the plant would be ready at that timeso the Court agreed to file the process.

Courtesy. / Radius Snail.

Courtesy. / Radius Snail.

But it turns out that the same intervener, days later, recognized before the CAR and the contractor that this certificate is not the one of operational acceptance, necessary for the Aqueduct to take charge of the PTAR Salitre. They even stated that would not be valid.

For CEPS, contractor of the work, it was a misleading and anomalous act, because first it says that the work is finished and then it retracts only for the purpose, apparently, to avoid a court sanction.

Comptroller General also investigates

Radius Snail was also able to establish that Delegate for the Environment of the Comptroller General is conducting a joint investigation with the Bogota District Comptroller’s Office.

This after the contractor reported on June 24, 2022 to the CAR of Cundinamarca, its controller, the IVK, and the Aqueduct of Bogotá for alleged irregularities in the management of the Salitre WWTPwhich could lead to a possible detriment to the public patrimony.

The Comptroller General clarified that he had already been monitoring the works by order of the Court, for which he is collecting information and documentation for situation analysis. The results may be consulted on the entity’s institutional page after the next September 30.

Courtesy. / Radius Snail.

Courtesy. / Radius Snail.

In addition to the alleged faults of the intervener IVK that Caracol Radio has already recountedthe CEPS, which is the contractor, warns in that complaint that this controller does not have the appropriate personnel to follow up on the 1.5 billion pesos contract.

It also reiterates that the CAR of Cundinamarca, whose director is Luis Fernando Sanabriadid not want to install the Disputes Committeethat is, a space to resolve differences or possible breaches or even technical issues that arise from the contract.

The CEPS contractor also insists that the Aqueduct is not performing maintenance on the equipmentthat it did deliver the operation manuals and that the plant is working.

In fact, Caracol Radio was aware of another document, this time from the National Environmental Licensing Agency (ANLA) issued on June 6, where it verified the operational guarantees of the PTAR Salitre, in terms of water and sludge treatment.

Courtesy. / Radius Snail.

On the other hand, the CEPS contractor warns, again, on possible irregularities in the collection of fees from usersespecially between September and December 2021.

What the contractor says, and that the Comptroller is already investigating, is that the Aqueduct would have charged, presumably, fees to users for the operation of the PTAR Salitrewhen he hadn’t even fully assumed it during that time.

These complaints from the contractor were also notified to the Attorney General’s Office. All parts, the Aqueduct, the CAR of Cundinamarca, the auditor IVK and the contractor CEPS await the results of the investigations. The one from the Prosecutor’s Office has been going for almost seven months and so far his progress is unknown.

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