PTAR Salitre: Comptroller warns that PTAR Salitre could not be delivered in September | Bogota

To verify operability conditions, the general state of the construction and machines, as well as the maintenance and warranty program, the Comptroller of Bogota made a fiscal visit to the Wastewater Treatment Plant, PTAR El Salitrepartially delivered to the Aqueduct and Sewage Company of Bogotá (EAAB) in December and whose final delivery is scheduled for September when the design, construction, equipment installation and commissioning contract ends.

The fiscal visit was ordered within a joint audit of the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) and from Bogota DC, Where does fiscal control come from? on the investments made by the Nation and the District in the project that is part of the megaproject for the decontamination of the Bogota River.

“Without prejudice to the judicial order that exists, from the Office of the Comptroller of Bogotá we consider that the CAR as contracting entity and the Aqueduct, based on the contractual clauses and with technical criteria, must leave each and every one of the records on the status of the equipment that will receive taking into account that there is information of possible premature damage“, said the comptroller Julián Mauricio Ruiz.

Likewise, the Comptroller General of the Republic is in charge of supervising two contracts: 1454 of 2015 and 803 of 2016, the first for project management for $37,799,066,360 and the second (contract 803 of 2016) for the detailed design, construction of works, supply and installation of equipment, assisted operation and expansion of the PTAR El Salitre, for a value of $1.3 billion (resources of the Nation).

For your part Gloria Giraldolegal representative of the Constructor consortium, a PTAR consortium, pointed out that the schedule is being met and that only 3% are missing, but this would mean, that the plant is finished not in September of this year, but towards the beginning of the second semester of the year 2023.

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