Prosecutor’s Office extinction of Pacho Herrera domain: Judge orders the return of seized assets to alleged figureheads of ‘Pacho Herrera’ | Judicial

The Third Domain Extinction Court of Bogotá ordered the Prosecutor’s Office and the SAE to return 14 assets that were seized from alleged figureheads of the late Cali Cartel boss, Elmer ‘Pacho’ Herrera.

The reason, since April 2019, to date, the Prosecutor’s Office has not filed the domain extinction claim, and the norm indicates that he had six months to file said lawsuit.

These assets are part of the seizure of 324 assets valued at $5.1 billion, which at the time the Prosecutor’s Office seized and that were discovered after the capture of William Herrera López, alias W, nephew of the late drug trafficker Hélmer ‘Pacho’ Herrera, after the they seized books, deeds and certificates of tradition and freedom, which contained details of properties and 35 alleged figureheads.

After three years, the prosecutor in that case requested that a period of six months be granted to file the domain forfeiture claim. because he has a lot of workload. Request that the judge denied.

“This judiciary does not notice that those particular circumstances operate that allow the FGN to justify a reasonable term for the resolution of the matter, that is, by inclining to file the lawsuit or file the process, since since the resolution of the imposition of precautionary measures -April 19, 2021- to date, the fiscal delegate has not proceeded in this regard, ”indicates the ruling.

Instead, the judge ordered the precautionary measures lifted and the 14 seized assets returned.

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