Prosecutor requested estoppel in favor of involved in Odebrecht case

In June 2021, The Prosecutor’s Office charged the crime of money laundering to Natalia Isaza Velasquez,because in 2016 it received two appropriations, one for $2,500,000 and another for $56,500,000 money that Gilberto Hernán Saldarriaga turned, one of the businessmen prosecuted for apparently legalize Odebrecht money

Radius Snail learned that the Prosecutor’s Office requested to preclude the process against Natalia Izasa because, after analyzing the file, There is no evidence to indicate that she knew that this money came from the deals made by the former campaign manager of former President Santos, Roberto Prieto, and the businessman Gilberto Saldarriaga in the case of Puente Plato-Magdalena, that is to say, that they came from an illicit activity. .

In an affidavit, Eduardo José Zambrano testified that he does not know her nor has he had contact with her; and José Roberto Prieto, said that she had no participation

The prosecution body concluded that the woman was used, because Roberto Prieto took advantage of the friendship and family closeness he had.

Natalia’s defense, at the head of the firm Largacha-Torres, when consulted, stated that they did not wish to comment on the processing of the process. Caracol radio was able to confirm that the request of the Prosecutor’s Office was supported by the public ministry that maintained the innocence of the accused.

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