Prosecutor Marcelo Pecci Claudia Aguilera: Pecci’s wife confirmed that the man in the photo was the one who shot the prosecutor | International

the journalist claudia aguilera spoke out of microphones from Cartagena with single channel, that’s where she works at Paraguay and authorized them to tell part of what she experienced the day her husband was killed Marcelo Pecci.

She points out that around 11 in the morning the Prosecutor Pecci went for a walk on the seashore and when he came back he was shaking the sand off his leg and that’s when They came to shoot him.

He states that went directly against her husband, what they did three shots and that indeed it was the man who appears in the photos released by the Police Colombian with a hat and sunglasses. She describes him as a slim man, but with marked muscles, dark skin and quick movements.

Aerie mentioned that she “they didn’t even look at her” and that people tried to help by asking to “take it”. And he points out that for this reason the man fired again to be able to escape.

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She adds that although she was at a maximum of two meters, she did not initially realize that it was a weapon and only realized what had happened. when he saw the blood.

For now, he says he will not speak and has even deleted his posts on social networks. She asked her channel to excuse her before the media of Paraguay and Colombia, but he says that his state of mind does not allow him to give more statements.

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