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One of the new projects Medium Rush it is +MORE Audiences, which already has 19 million unique users. In this way, +MAS Audiences is not only directed to the Hispanic market in the United States, but it is also the largest programmatic advertising alliance to date.

PRISA Media, Clarín from Argentina, El Comercio from Peru, Milenio/Multimedios from Mexico and El Tiempo from Colombia are involved in this new project. These journalistic houses signed a strategic agreement that seeks to connect agencies and advertisers with their audiences in the United States. In this way, +MAS Audiences was born.

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Furthermore, it can be stated that +MORE Audiences it is an advertising platform that has made important world media work together with the intention of revolutionizing the advertising market in the United States.

This would be a bet PRISA Media to expand in the United States. This occurs after the appointment of Juan Varela as director in that country. +MAS Audiences is then a platform where the purchase of programmatic advertising can be developed in a transparent way, based on personalized information from each client.

In this sense, +MAS Audiences will be able to commercialize digital, general and specialized media. Within this project, sites such as As, Cadena SER, Canal 13, Clarín, El Comercio, El PAÍS, El Tiempo, Depor, FutbolRed, Gestión, Los40, Medio Tiempo, Milenio, Multimedios, Olé, Portfolio, Radio Caracol will be enabled. , Newscast, TodoNoticias, Trome or W Radio, and more. Media that produce their own quality content, with which advertisers will have the certainty of valuable web pages.

“With the operational support of the associate teams and the coordination of Grupo Prisa, +MAS Audiences represents a revolution in the programmatic purchase of Latino audiences in the United States. In a market strongly marked by the intermediation of agents that do not add value to the process, +MAS directly connects publishers with agencies and advertisers who understand the importance of connecting with Hispanic audiences,” said Carlos Núñez, executive president of PRISA Media. .

Finally, +MAS Audiences under the direction of the PRISA Media Sales Team in the United States, led by Juan Varela, and will be will be marketed by the same company in that country. Varela will take care of coordinate with the other leaders of the journalistic companies of this alliance.

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