Presidential Debate – Unpopular Topics: Would Rodolfo Hernández expropriate land if elected president? | Politics

in the middle of a dynamics of “Yes” and “No”, in it presidential debate on unpopular issues, led by Caracol Radio, La W and Canal 1 and Noticentro CM&, the candidates had to answer, among others, if they would expropriate land that was not being used. So much Sergio Fajardo and Federico Gutiérrez answered ‘No’, but conspicuously the former mayor of Bucaramanga Rodolfo Hernández used the sign that said ‘Yes’.

For the same reason, we ask the candidate about the reasons he had to endorse that position, and indicated that “those that are not being used, well, you have to put them to use. It is not expropriating, it is buying them, at a commercial price. If they don’t use it and we need it here, then we buy them.”

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In addition, the former local president assured that “the State is a great buyer; at a commercial price, as well as buying cars, buildings and everything. It is not violating property rights. Do not. What I’m saying is that If there is land that is useless, then we talk to the owner so that he can sell it to us.If you don’t want to sell it, then we won’t buy it.”

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