POT Bogotá: With the POT by decree, it would not be possible to create new localities in Bogotá | Bogota

The plenary hall of the Constitutional court referred to the law that reformed the organic statute of Bogotá and that would allow the city to have new locations, in several cases dividing the largest sectors of the country’s capital.

According to the court, when the POT is issued by decree, and not by the Council, they may not be incorporated into this “the territorial delimitation of localities” from the city.

“Given that article 322 of the Constitution expressly defines that the delimitation of the localities and the assignment of their powers corresponds to the District Council, the Plenary Chamber considered that the accused norm does not violate the Constitution as long as the act in the that the delimitation is defined corresponds to an agreement of the Council and if the Territorial arrangement planning is issued by Decree of the Mayor, that act cannot incorporate the territorial delimitation of the localities of the Capital District of Bogotá”. Indicates the document with the decision of the Constitutional Court.

For her part, the mayor of Bogotá claudia lopez replied through your account Twitter on this issue: “The Constitutional Court upholds the constitutionality of the reform to the Organic Statute of Bogotá and rejects the claims of the plaintiffs. We share the Court’s clarification that the transfer of UPLs from the POT to new Localities must be approved by the Council of Bogotá”. Claudia Lopez wrote.

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The lawsuit was filed at the time by the councilors Lucia Bastidas (Green Alliance), Emel Rojas (Just Free Colombia), Heidy Sánchez (Human Colombia), Carlos Carrillo (Democratic Pole) and Andrés Forero (Democratic Center)

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