Pope Francis does not rule out resigning due to health problems

During the closing of his visit to Canada, Pope Francis Said the time might come when I consider leave office based on your current health status. The announcement comes weeks after deny rumors of a resignation from the position of Pope.

Francis explained that still intends to continue with his papal dutiesbut acknowledged that his health condition, which limits his mobility, implies that he must save more for dedicate their strength to fulfill their tasks in the church.

“I think that at my age and with these limitations I have to protect myself a little to serve the church or to have the possibility of stepping aside. Honestly that wouldn’t be a catastrophe, you can change dad without it being a problem”, explained the Pope.

The Supreme Pontiff stressed that the door of a retirement is open because it is something normal, but reiterated that “until today I have not knocked on that door. I have not felt the need to think about this possibility, but this does not mean that I cannot start thinking about it”.

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