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With the resignation of three other officials close to Mayor Daniel Quintero to join Gustavo Petro’s campaign say the contradictors, that the Mayor’s Office of Medellín is in full presidential campaign and that the control organisms ignore this situation.

The Secretary of Mobility, Carlos Mario Mejía, the Secretary of the Environment, Juliana Colorado, and the director of the International Cooperation Agency, Eleonora Betancur were the last to join Petro’s campaign.

Their resignations were announced live and direct and it was Mayor Quintero himself who amid applause, he said that “his three officials have taken a step into the future.”

With these there are already eight high-level officials who join the Historical Pact, the first to leave was Juan Carlos Upegui, cousin of Diana Osorio, social manager of Medellín and who at that time was Secretary of Nonviolence, later Alejandro Matta joined , of Youth, Esteban Restrepo and Juan Pablo Ramírez, the latter the faithful squires of Quintero and who managed the secretariats of Government and Social Inclusionrespectively.

And as if help was lacking, The Social Manager and first lady, Diana Osorio, has been seen delivering computers from the mayor’s hand, making television programs on the local channel, granting interviews in which he makes public his support for the Historical Pact and accompanying the wife of candidate Petro, Verónica Alcocer, on her tours of Medellín.

Another amplifier of the Petrista campaign is Alex Flórez, former councilor of Medellín, who was his strongest card in that corporation, elected by the independent movement and who resigned to join the Historic Pact campaign and has a seat in the Senate.

There are many behaviors that have shown the sympathy that the municipal administration has for Gustavo Petro. In the words of the mayor “What is seen, is not asked”, and in the last few hours the president published a message on his social networks that generated a lot of controversy: “Who follows me #ElCambioEnPrimera”, accompanied by a video in which he is in a car putting the first into the mechanical box. For many this is a clear example of participation in politics.

To this is added that, even the elected senator and controversial leader of the Historical Pact, Isabel Zuleta, in the eye of the hurricane for her statements about Sergio Fajardo and Federico Gutiérrez, In a space on Twitter, he acknowledged that Mayor Quintero supports Gustavo Petro.

But in the administration there are also people who came from working in the Petro campaign. The most obvious case is that of Juan David Duque, a political activist who arrived at the Private Secretariat a few weeks ago. This official has been relevant due to his discussions on social networks, and he was also the creator and financier of Casa Petro in Bogotá. For several months he was one of the most active in that campaign in the capital.

At the Attorney General’s Office There are eight investigations into Daniel Quintero, one of them for alleged participation in politics that has not yet advanced, while Mayor Quintero has defended himself, assuring that there is a political persecution to remove him from office for having denounced powerful groups that were looting the city.

Daniel Quintero has been very clever and has tried to keep his behavior to the limit of what the law allows, however, for many, this account of events is clear and sufficient evidence for the control entities to pronounce themselves and prevent public resources continue to be used to try to tip the political balance towards a candidacy.

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