Pigs die in Betania: Mayor of Betania: 400 baby pigs died due to floods | 6AM Today by Today

Carlos Villada, mayor of the municipality of Betania in Antioquia, spoke for 6AM of Caracol Radio, about the crisis faced by the residents after, due to heavy rains, about 400 pigs died drowned by floods.

The rainy season affected Betania, a coffee municipality located to the southwest of Antioquia, according to Mayor Villada: “it is surrounded by four rivers and several streams.

The events occurred in the afternoon of Tuesday, August 2, and were the result of one of the streams being sediment laden due to a landslide that overflowed its course and reached four sheds of the pig farm.

The mayor mentioned that “unfortunately these sheds are where the breeding sows are, approximately between 380 to 400 small animals drowned”; the sows were able to survive because the current did not cover them completely and they could “stick their heads out”. Likewise, he said that he received the distress call requesting the support of machinery and firefighters to be able to save about 80 animals.

“We have already made progress in what has to do with the DAGRAN Risk Management Unit in Antioch to help us” emphasized Villada. He also reiterated the importance of pig farming as source of livelihood of several families in the municipality.

Faced with the winter crisis that the department is going through, the president warned about the minimum conditions in terms of machinery that allow coping with heavy rains and overflows. Villada made a call to the Government of Antioquia, so that they can implement strategies for the improvement of the affected roads, since “the coffee harvest is approaching and our peasants have nowhere to get their product”.

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