Petro’s victory will cause an exodus of Colombians: Bolsonaro | International

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaroensured that the victory of Gustavo Petro of the presidency of Colombia is inconvenient for the regional political panorama, noting that this accounts for the threat of the “return of communism” in Brazil and its progress in Latin America.

“Colombia has just elected a president of the M-19, similar to Dilma Rousseff. What is the most requested public service in that country? the passport industry”, indicated Bolsonaro, highlighting that many Colombians will begin to leave the country for his arrival at the presidency.

The Brazilian president also criticized Petro’s request to release young detaineesnoting that those released are “generally” linked to the drug trafficking, murders, robberies and kidnappings since they are minors.

In his criticism, Bolsonaro also made reference to the situation in other countries. “In Venezuela they take three bags of money and go to buy bread. See how Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Colombia or Cuba are”, said the president.

President Jair Bolsonaro stressed that a good part of the presidents in the region “are from the Sao Paulo Forum” and reiterated that the threat of communism for Brazil in the face of the presidential elections in October is headed by the candidate and former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

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